Pro Tips to Apply Concealer the Right Way

People generally use foundation to even out their skin tone. In case of dark spots, dark circles, and acne you might need to use a concealer for hiding the blemishes. It is indeed a fabulous product that can conceal anything on the face that you don’t want to draw the attention of people towards. Merely applying the concealer won’t do any wonders and you must do it the right way. The foremost thing that you must do is to choose the right concealer because choosing a concealer that doesn’t match your skin tone can make your overall appearance worse. Here are some pro tips that you can consider to apply concealer the right way:

  • Prepping up your face beforehand is very important. You should always start with a neat face. Wash your face with the help of a very mild cleanser and use a bit of moisturizer once you are done with patting it dry. Select a foundation that will match your skin colour and begin with applying it from the middle part of your face and blend it out. You can make use of a makeup brush or a sponge for blending so that it is evenly applied all over your skin.
  • Next you need to make use of a concealer brush for dabbing the concealer under the eyes in the shape of a triangle that is upside down. The triangle base should be continued from the eye end to the end of another eye and the triangle tip should be pointed downwards for the cheek to the crease of your nose.
  • As the area all-around your eyes are very soft and delicate, just dab the concealer with your fingertips. Don’t rub it for spreading, just dab it gently.
  • Once your eyes are covered, the next step is working the concealer up on all the acne spots, sun spots, and dark spots that you have over your face. For concealing them, just dab the concealer on each mark and start blending outwards. Make sure that you are using a thin concealer layer to avoid making your makeup look like it has been caked.
  • Use the concealer on the middle of your forehead, below and above the eyebrows, the exterior edges of your lips, and the middle part of your chin. Blend it properly.
  • You should use the concealer for hiding any spots that you have in the neck area too. Take the required amount of concealer and blend it to match your skin tone.

These are some pro tips that you can consider to apply concealer the right way. Not paying attention to the concealerand being done evenly on your face can ruin your entire makeup. Choosing the right concealer is very important because the wrong one can make your skin look bad.

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