National Media Team Visits Assam Rifles Battallion at Aizawl

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A National media team comprising of 16 renowned Journalists visited 23 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of Headquarter Inspector General Assam Rifles (East).

They initially visited Zokhawsang training area where a Static Slithering platform has been innovatively prepared from scrap by the troops of Assam Rifles. An insight about Special Heliborne operations and the importance of the same in the challenging terrain of North East was demonstrated. It is the first Slithering platform that has been constructed in Mizoram.

The team also interacted with motivated youth who were actively involved in the pre recruitment training organised by Assam Rifles. Brigadier DigvijaySingh,SM, DIG ASSAM RIFLES SECTOR and Commandant ViplavTripati, CO Aizawl Battalion conveyed that this idea emerged from the fact that the local society is much keen and enthusiastic to get into the armed forces but lack proper guidance. So Assam rifles volunteered to fill that missing dot.

The team therafter interacted with the potential and talented young women who are getting trained for the Military Nursing Service recruitment. MNS capsule, Undoubtedly  a one of its kind initiative which has commenced from 01 March 21 for a period of six weeks is sure to empower the Mizoram women and motivate several more who have the dream of donning the Military uniform.

Quarter guard is a pride for any battalion. Commandant and Adjutant of AizawlBattallion gave an overview about its history. A heritage site for Assam Rifles, QG was built by Lt col GH Loch in the late 1890’s. The historical importance increased manifolds with the installation of 18th century cannons which stands proud facing the city of Aizawl. The AizawlBattallion of Assam rifles is slated to move to new Key location plan in Zokhawsang but however owing to the historical significance of the QG hill and building, they are resolute to preserve their legacy

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