Assam Election 2021: 41 Candidates in Fray in Dhubri Election District

A total of 41 candidates are in the fray for the five assembly constituencies in the Dhubri election district comprising of Dhubri, Gauripur, Golakganj, Bilasipara East and Bilasipara West Assembly constituencies.

Earlier, there were 45 candidates in the fray in the district, which votes on April 6, 2021. However, four independent candidates have withdrawn their nomination papers on Monday.

Among those who have withdrawn their nomination papers, two are from the Bilasipara East assembly constituency and one each from Dhubri and Golakganj assembly constituencies.

The candidates who have withdrawn their nomination papers are Dhaneswar Roy and Sandip Kumar Debnath from Bilasipara East LACs, Nazibul Umar from Dhubri LAC and Papuli Saha from Golakganj LAC.

“After the nomination withdrawal process, a total of 23 candidates including 7 for Dhubri, 9 for Gauripur and 7 for Golakganj LACs under Dhubri sub-division are in the contest,” informed Dhubri D-cum-returning officer Deba Kr Kalita.

At the Bilasipara sub-division comprising two assembly seats, 11 candidates for Bilasipara East and 7 candidates for Bilasipara West LACs are in the fray.

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