Assam Election 2021: AGP Release Election Manifesto, Skips CAA

In its election manifesto, which was released on March 24, the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) has also skipped the issue of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA, much like its election ally BJP.

The regional party, however, ‘promised’ to implement the Assam Accord- which has been deemed as a desperate attempt by the political analysts and experts of the state.

Many people have questioned how is the party going to implement the clauses of the Assam Accord and not oppose CAA?

Many feel that the ‘promise’ to implement the Assam Accord is a move out of desperation to save the party’s existence- which is under extreme threat.

CAA violates the spirit of the Assam Accord and in such a situation, how can the party have a single stand on two contradictory issues?- a question that many people has been asking now.

It may be mentioned that according to the Assam Accord, March 24, 1971, has been set as the cut-off date for detecting and deporting illegal immigrants.

However, CAA seeks to fast-track the citizenship of non-Muslims who came from three neighbouring countries till December 31, 2014, and this contradicts the Assam Accord.

Clause VI of the Assam Accord guarantees constitutional safeguards to the indigenous people of Assam and if CAA is implemented, the constitutional safeguards thus come under threat.

“We are firm on implementing Clause VI of the Assam Accord for solving the foreigners’ issue,” AGP leaders said while releasing the manifesto.

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