Office of the CEO Assam SVEEP Team Launches Innovative Voting Awareness Campaign in Guwahati

For a democracy to be successful, it is not enough to hold elections. It is imperative that the voters make an informed decision in order to make democracy a truly people’s government.

Further with an endeavour to extend electoral awareness to the masses, an innovative voting awareness initiative has been carried out at Rajaduwar Ghat, Guwahati, Kamrup (Metro) by the office of the Chief Election Office (CEO) Assam SVEEP team.

This initiative by the SVEEP team witnessed the coming together of five sand artists who lent their creativity in making a large size sand art installation (40ft*20ft) near the bank of Brahmaputra.

Also, marking the beauty of colours on this day of the Holi festival, this initiative of creativity was an attempt to celebrate the colours of our democratic rights.

The artwork depicted the idea of voter participation from all sections of the society and acted as a humble attempt to make every voter aware of the importance of voting rights and make them participate in the ongoing festival of democracy.

It is to be mentioned that this initiative is among the several initiatives carried out by the Election Commission of Assam to spread the awareness message on voting including street plays, mime acts, art installations, innovative awareness campaigns, various outreach activities, etc.

Here it is to be noted that, in the 1st Phase of the Assam Assembly Election 2021, the state witnessed around 79.93 per cent turnouts of voters.

However, the Election Commission is yet to announce the final poll percentage. Phase 1 of polling in Assam came to an end on Saturday (March 27)


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