What is the eligibility criteria of a credit card for instant approval?

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Do you wish to indulge in extravagant activities like dining at popular restaurants, watching movies in theatres etc. and still save comprehensively? Or do you desire to undertake a shopping spree without being burdened with the task of immediate and full payment? Or are you drawn by exciting discounts and cashback offers?  Or your income gets exhausted by the end of the month and there’s not an alternative source to entail some significant expenditure? Credit cards can aid in satisfying all these yearnings and much more.


Eligibility criteria


One of the most prominent and convenient financial instruments, credit cards have rendered the users’ day-to-day payment scenario trouble-free. Permitting the users an interest-free period, credit cards also allow them to repay the outstanding amount later, before the due date. Inability to clear the dues on time gets accompanied by a penalty in the form of interest rate or finance charges, and it also gets reflected in the credit score that goes downhill. Despite the interest rate, and in certain cases, joining and renewal fees accompanying them, credit cards inherently offer myriad benefits. The Bajaj Finserv credit card is one of the most popular credit cards to apply for, and one can opt for a card from its numerous variants as per their needs. One can easily apply for any type of Bajaj Finserv Credit Card by fulfilling certain eligibility criteria, and apply through the company’s website. Once the credit card eligibility criteria are realized, the credit card will be instantly approved, and one can access it within a few days’ time. Here’s an exhaustive guide for clinching rapid approval for a credit card.


The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card, also termed as a SuperCard is true to its name. This SuperCard is infused with the powers of four cards into one. Besides being a credit card, it is an EMI card that allows conversion of exorbitant bills into affordable instalments; it can also be wielded to avail of an emergency loan for 90 days. The card can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs without paying any interest for up to 50 days. One can ask for instant approval in a few easy steps, and there are 11 exclusive variants to opt from, as per one’s needs. However, it is imperative that you know about the credit card eligibility criteria, and one must satisfy the following conditions.


  • The applicant’s age should be between 25-65 years.
  • The credit score should be at least 750.
  • The track record of the applicant should be crystal clear; all credit card dues should have been cleared sans any default.
  • The applicant should possess a regular source of income to back the potential of paying the bills.
  • The residential address of the candidate should fall within any of the SuperCard live areas in India.
  • Being an existing patron of Bajaj Finance Limited and a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network cardholder goes a long way in guaranteeing prompt approval.


Documents to be furnished


Besides fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria, the applicant must furnish the financial institution with certain documents.


  • An identity proof must be submitted, in the form of an Aadhaar Card, Voter Identity Card, Passport etc. The same can certify for the age of the applicant.
  • Residential address proof should accompany the identity proof. Identity and residential evidence can be supplied by the same document; the latter can also be provided in the form of utility bills.
  • Evidence of a constant and regular source of income should be furnished through payslips or IT returns.
  • The candidate should also produce the PAN (Permanent Account Number) for the credit card approval.


Any other document may be required to ensure rapid approval, and it depends upon the discretion of the issuer.


Application process


Once the applicant is equipped with the necessary documents, the next action involves applying for the credit card. This can be done by following these easy steps.


  • Go to the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card’s pre-approved offer page and supply elementary information like name and mobile number.
  • An OTP will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number; proceed to the next step by verifying the OTP.
  • Bajaj Finserv will issue a relevant SuperCard deal to ease the procedure.
  • Compare the variants and choose the one which suits your needs.
  • Fill the application form and submit the required documents.


By following these uncomplicated steps, the credit card will be rapidly approved and delivered within a week (excluding non-working days). Get your Bajaj Finserv credit card today by fulfilling the above eligibility criteria, and by submitting your application online, and start availing the privileges and benefits of the SuperCard.

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