NWUC Condemns Rape of 8-Year-Old Girl in Chandel


The Naga Women’s Union Chandel (NWUC) on Monday issued a press release expressing its horror upon the rape committed by KH Joseph of S. Phunal Village, present resident of Khulsaibung Village, against an 8 year old minor on March 31, 2021 and said the incident was an “abominable” and “immensely disturbed.”

The union, while condemning the horrific rape incident conveyed its utmost and sincere support to the victim and her family.

NWUC said it was “enraged by such nauseating incident and worry for such inhumanity towards the life of all girls and women of our society. We pray in our hearts that no such incident ever occur to any of our sisters in the days to come.”

It further appealed the state government to take stern legal action over the man accused to deliver the rightful punishment he deserves.

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