Assam Govt Issues New COVID-19 Protocols

Haryana, July 04 (ANI): A health worker collects swab sample for Covid-19 rapid antigen testing, at Community Centre, Bhim Nagar, in Gurugram on Saturday. (ANI Photo)

Assam Health Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday said that the state government has issued three new protocols for containing the COVID-19 pandemic in Assam.

Firstly, passengers coming from Karnataka and Maharastra will have to do a mandatory COVID test in Assam even if they have conducted the test before coming to Assam.

Secondly, every day one lakh COVID-19 tests will be conducted ahead of Bihu in Assam.

Thirdly, Doctors and Nurses in Assam have already taken the COVID-19 vaccine. So, there is a qualitative difference between this year and last year. Also, there is no requirement for PPE kits for them. So, the treatment will also be different this year.

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