E-autos & E-rickshaws to Come Up in Manipur, to Replace Diesel Run Vehicles

The Manipur government gave away eco-friendly auto-rickshaws and rickshaws to 65 beneficiaries.

The state government has introduced these eco-friendly vehicles with the aim of gradually phasing out the old auto-rickshaws that operate on diesel.

The diesel-run vehicles emit a substantial amount of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to the rise in global temperatures.

Speaking on the occasion, N Biren Singh said that these eco-friendly auto-rickshaws and rickshaws will also address the increasing demand for public transportation in the state.

“Immensely glad to distribute e-Autos and e-Rickshaws to 65 beneficiaries. Promotion of these environmentally-friendly vehicles could be the most feasible solution to cater for the increasing demand for public transportation, with a target of phasing out old diesel autos in the State,” N Biren Singh tweeted.

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