‘Was COVID-19 vaccine export an oversight’: Rahul Gandhi Asks PM Modi

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, questioned the government’s decision to export coronavirus vaccines.

“Was the export of vaccines also an oversight, like many other decisions of this government, or an effort to garner publicity at the cost of our own citizens?” Gandhi asked PM Modi in the letter.

Communicating that India is facing “vaccine starvation”, the Congress leader stated that over 6 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been exported.

The former Congress President’s demands are as follows: –

o Financial support to vaccine manufacturers to ramp up production

o Stop vaccine export

o Fast-track approval of other vaccine candidates

o Universal vaccination

o Double central allocation for vaccine procurement

o Increase states participation in vaccine procurement and distribution

o Provide income support to vulnerable sections hit by covid

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