Essential Items Distributed to Schools and Orphanage in Mizoram

A Social Welfare Drive for providing Basic Essential Commodities to the Schools & Orphanages of border villages was organized by the AizawlBattalion of 23 Sector Assam Rifles, under the aegis of Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (East). This Social Wefare drive was initiated with an aim to provide essential commodities like ration and other essential items to Schools & Orphanages in border villages in Area of Responsibilty of this unit.

This drive was aimed at providing the kids in these organisations with the energy and opportunity in terms of basic amenities so as to help them flourish and grow at par with the rest of society. This much needed support by the Assam Rifles amidst the tough times of COVID-19 pandemic was in line with the commitment to their Motto of Friends of The Hill People .

The Social Welfare Drive was organized by All COBs/ POB of Aizawl Battalion of Assam Rifles with a hope that these small initiatives will not only bring relatively bigger changes in the lives of these individuals but also instill positivity in their minds which will subsequently lead them to a better, enriched and bright future.