Team North East Reaches St. Petersburg in the Ongoing Indo-Russia Friendship Car Rally


On Day-3 of the India-Russia Friendship Car Rally, the team reaches St. Petersburg. The third day of the Indo-Russia Friendship Car Rally, organized by the International Friendship Car Rally Association proved a big success. The residents of Moscow accorded the participants a warm welcome. The rally saw the participants visited important places across the city such as The Moscow Kremlin Museum, City Centre Panorama, Arbat Street and Moscow Paveletskaya Railway Station among others.

Apart from Moscow, as part of the rally, the participants also visited the historic imperial city of St. Petersburg.

As part of the rally, the participants distributed pamphlets among the residents of the city which showed that North East India is a travel destination that they should explore. The residents were highly receptive and the participants who are from the 8 North Eastern States spent much of their day telling the residents of the host city about their respective states in India. The organizers stated that the amount of interest shown by the people in Moscow is beyond expectation and termed the rally a grand success.

According to Pem Sonam, President of IFCRA, the rally is being organized with an aim to strengthen and reconnect the age-old historical and cultural linkages between Russia and India, while at the same time ‘unveiling’ the little-explored yet mesmerizing part of India that is North East.

He further stated that the rally shall strengthen people-to-people contacts between the historically friendly nations of Russia and India which share a unique relationship. He termed the participants as ambassadors of not only India but also the region they come from who are taking the region to the global audience and letting them know of the potential this unexplored region has.

The participants, apart from fostering friendly ties between the two nations are also promoting tourism in North East India, the experience of which is unparalleled in the world.