Assam Election 2021: BFP Wiped Off From Bodoland, UPPL Leads the Way

The BPF is all set to be swept away from the BTR areas as UPPL has made strong gains pushing Hagrama Mohillary led party to be a marginal player.

In the 12 strong Bodo seats, the BPF once used to have dominance over 10 seats but they are now reduced to just two seats while the challenger UPPL has lead in seven seats.

Notably, PRAMILA RANI BRAHMA from the Bodoland Peoples Front has received only 12620 while, LAWRENCE ISLARY from the United People’s Party, Liberal has bagged 23278 till now.

The BPF joined Mohajot after BJP pushed them out before the BTR election welcoming Pramod Bodo-led UPPL.

At this moment in the Bodo areas only in Panery, Udalguri, and Majbat constituencies, there are slender leads of the BPF but they may change. All of these seats are in Western BTR areas.

On other hand in the BTR heartland, the UPPL is leading in Gosaigan, Kokrajhar(E), Kokrajhar (W), Sidli, Tamulpur, and Brama. The BJP is leading in Bijni and Kalaigaon.

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