These Special Trains Will Discontinue from May 7, Check the Full List Here

Since last year the Indian Railways has been running several special trains as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus spread. However, due to the active rise in cases of the ongoing covid-19 wave in India, some of these trains were running with low occupancy.

Looking upon the matter, the Eastern Railways has decided to discontinue some of the special trains. According to a press release issued by Eastern Railways, 16 special trains are being discontinued from 07.05.2021 due to poor patronisation till further advice:-

Here is the list of special trains that are canceled by the Eastern Railway zone:

1. Train Number 02019 Howrah-Ranchi
2. Train Number 02020 Ranchi-Howrah
3. Train Number 02339 Howrah-Dhanbad
4. Train Number 02340 Dhanbad­ Howrah
5. Train Number 03027 Howrah-Azimganj
6. Train Number 03028 Azimganj-Howrah
7. Train Number 03047 Howrah-Rampurhat
8. Train Number 03048 Rampurhat-Howrah
9. Train Number 03117 Kolkata-Lalgola
10. Train Number 03118 Lalgola-Kolkata
11. Train Number 03187 Sealdah­ Rampurhat
12. Train Number 03188 Rampurhat-Sealdah
13. Train Number 03401 Bhagalpur­Danapur
14. Train Number 03402 Danapur-Bhagalpur
15. Train Number 03502 Asansol-Haldia
16. Train Number 03501 Haldia-Asansol

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