COVID-19 Guidelines Issued for Residents of Apartment and Building

The National Health Mission (NHM) Assam tweeted by laying out specific COVID-19 protocol and COVID-friendly behaviour that every resident of apartments and buildings are expected to adhere to in order to curb the spread of this deadly infectious disease.

As per the guidelines announced, the preventive measures to be followed by residents of apartments and buildings are as follows:

1. Visitors: All apartment societies shall enforce a visitor’s protocol limiting access of outside visitors to the apartment. All visitor details, including travel history, will be recorded.

2. Handwash/Sanitizer: Every apartment entrance will have a designated handwashing area with handwashing techniques clearly mentioned on a poster. Sanitizers, if available, should also be placed at the entrance.

3. Common activities to shut down: Ensure that all public gathering platforms be it parks, swimming pools, fitness centres, common activity centres be closed, and no gathering of people allowed within the premises.

4. Frequent cleaning of common premises: Implement cleaning and disinfection measures at least three times a day particularly for lift buttons, handrails in the staircases, gates, and grills, and all other such areas within the apartment. Visitors should be advised to avoid touching anything in the common premises.

5. Contactless delivery: Place delivery baskets at the security points to ensure contactless delivery. Or the families should be asked to pick up deliveries outside the gate after the necessary disinfection.

6. Domestic help: Discuss COVID appropriate behavior and hygiene practices with your domestic help, especially since they work at multiple locations.

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