App Launched To Help COVID-19 Patients Of Guwahati

Aiming to aid the COVID-19 patients of Guwahati, a group of young professionals and students have launched a website/mobile application.

Titled Ghy Fights Covid, the app has been aimed to help the denizens find resources to fight the infection- right from the availability of oxygen cylinders, plasma to meal services.

The services offered by the application are- Oxygen, Plasma, Blood, Remdisivir, Meal Services, Testing Specialities, Ambulance Services, Medical Equipment, Quarantine Centres, Hospital Beds, Mental Health Support, Pharmacies, and Other Services.

Moreover, the website presently has three main tabs-

• Home tab – a common database of all resource providers in the region

• Doctors tab – a list of all doctors and hospitals with their contact numbers available for consultation regarding COVID in the region

• Ask for help tab – a platform to bridge the supply-demand gap where one can post any information that one has (data will be verified by the app developers) or one can post any requirement where people could reply to the one who has posted the query

The data is currently powered by volunteers working round the clock for this.

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