3 West Bengal BJP MLAs Taken into Custody for Flouting Lockdown Norms

Three Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs were detained in Siliguri in West Bengal on charges of violating lockdown rules. However, all three were later released today.

These three MLAs – Shankar Ghosh, Anandamay Burman, and Shikha Chattopadhyay were protesting against the state government in North Bengal over Corona’s rising deaths at the Safdar Hasami Chowk in Siliguri.

Taking a jibe at the BJP MLAs, a senior Trinamool leader said that these MLAs have betrayed the people of their constituency, as they organized protests at a time like lockdown. He said, “People should see the real face of BJP leaders. They are less worried about the spread of the virus.”

Notably, a 15-day lockdown has been implemented in West Bengal on Sunday. The government has taken several stringent measures to prevent the spread of corona.