Curious Case of Mucormycosis in Assam: 27 yr-old allegedly dies of Black Fungus

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On May 18, Tuesday, Assam reported its first case of Black Fungus Mucormycosis infection in a recovered Covid patient.

The youth identified as Palmoni Bora (27), admitted to the hospital on May 15, allegedly succumbed today morning at around 6 AM in Apollo Hospital, Guwahati.

He was from Dhing, Nagaon & was tested positive on May 6 at Dhing First Referral Unit (F.R.U). The Health Department referred him to Nagaon.

On May 13, he recovered and returned home. Then his health started to deteriorate on May 15. He was admitted at Apollo Hospital, Guwahati where he passed away.

“Mucormycosis or Black fungus, previously termed (zygomycosis) is a rare but severe invasive fungal infection occurring mostly in immune-compromised patients, especially in individuals diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or hematological malignancies.

Caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes, these molds live throughout the environment. It most commonly affects the sinuses or the lungs after inhaling fungal spores from the air.

As believed by doctors, mucormycosis with an overall mortality rate of 50% might be triggered by the use of steroids, a life-saving treatment for severe and critically ill Covid-19 patients. “Steroids reduce inflammation in the lungs for Covid-19 and appear to help stop some of the damage that can happen when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive to fight off coronavirus. But they also reduce immunity and push up blood sugar levels in both diabetics and non-diabetic Covid-19 patients.” – mentioned in a report by BBC.

The  government has recently recommended not to use steroids at the onset of Covid-19 but after the sixth day when there will be oxygen requirement to prevent one from the deadly attack of the back fungus infection.

“When a patient is put on oxygen support, which has a humidifier containing water, the chances of him or her getting the fungal infection increases. It should be ensured that water does not leak from the humidifier,” the statement said.





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