China Developing Tibetan Border Villages Near Arunachal, Bhutan, Nepal

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A white paper on Tibet issued by the Chinese government on May 21 revealed that the country is speeding up its efforts to develop infrastructure in remote villages situated along Tibet’s border with India, Bhutan and Nepal.

“Developing the border areas and improving people’s lives in Tibet has become important as the strategic Himalayan region shares a 4,000-km long external borderline,” the document titled Tibet Since 1951: Liberation, Development And Prosperity said.

“The inhabitants of the contiguous areas experience harsh living and working conditions and a high incidence of poverty,” it added.

“Governments at all levels have been making constant efforts to develop border areas and improve people’s lives,” the document further stated.

It also informed that the financial allocation has been increasing year by year for border development in Tibet.

It may be mentioned here that President Xi Jinping, after coming to power in 2012, has prioritised the development of China’s border areas by establishing new villages with added emphasis on security.

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