Tripura Exports Its First Trial Consignment Of Jackfruit To London

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After the successful export of pineapples and lemon to the Middle-East Nations, Tripura has now exported a trial consignment of jackfruit to London, UK through a virtual ceremony held on May 21

Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) through a Guwahati based exporter facilitated the procurement of full-grown jackfruits from Sepahijala District.

Facilitated by Basix Krishi Samruddhi Ltd. (BKSL),  from Krishi Sanyoga Agro Producer Company Limited under the MIDH Scheme, each jackfruit of 3-5 kilograms have gone through due quality testing before export.

These were plucked from a village of Melaghar by the local Farmers Producers Organization (FPO).

Each jackfruit has been priced at Rs 30 and the FPO facilitated the loading of the consignment, which was then boarded in the train to Guwahati, informed state agriculture minister Pranajit Singharoy.

Kiega Exims Pvt. Ltd, the exporter would first send these jackfruits to Delhi via air cargo tomorrow, thereby scheduled to fly for London the next day.

Since jackfruit is a perishable item; the consignment has to be reached to the supplier at London in 4-6 days with proper cold chain management – said the FPO Officials.

Although Tripura is the highest jackfruit producer in the country with the best quality jackfruit available for only a month from the middle of May to the middle of June.

The state horticulture department has been working tirelessly to increase the shelf life of the fruit through a natural process.

“Initially, there was a doubt about the export of the consignment due to the COVID-19 situation. But fortunately, the air cargo from India has been allowed for the exportation of farm products,” informed Singharoy.

The entire process of this trial consignment to the UK began three years ago concerning pineapple and lemon but it took a long time to ensure quality and timely dispatch.

“We are confident that a few more consignment of jackfruit this season will go abroad, APEDA is sincerely trying to help our farmers,” Singharoy further said.

“Besides, pineapple and lemon are also expected to export this year too although there are lots of uncertainties due to COVID-19 second wave,” he added.

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