Let’s Know Bikramjit Baulia- Assam’s Superhero Without A Cape

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-Parthona Phukan

The story of Assam’s Bikramjit Baulia, who has sung soothing songs over the phone to over 200 COVID-19 patients in isolation to boost their morale, may have not hogged the media limelight the way Kolkata man singing Tera Mujshe Hain Nata Koi for his dying mother did, but that doesn’t mean we should stop ourselves from knowing the former’s story.

So who is this 33-year-old Bikramjit Baulia- a resident of Silchar town of Assam? Why did he decide to sing over the phone to COVID-19 patients, who are mostly unknown to him?

If you ask me, then I would call Bikramjit Baulia a ‘superhero without a cape’ who is injecting positivity into the veins of the COVID-19 patients as doctors around the world continue trying to find a permanent cure.

“The idea to offer music therapy to the COVID-19 patients over the phone struck me one evening when I saw a post of Lofamudra Mitra- who through the help of an organisation sing songs to the COVID-19 patients,” Baulia said over a telephonic conversation.

“Without wasting much time, I instantly shared a Facebook post,  mentioning about my will to volunteer for music therapy to the COVID-19 patients in isolation,” he continues.

Even though no one contacted him initially, but he was appreciated for his gesture.

“Then, maybe on the fourth day after I shared the Facebook post, I received a call and then I realised- I was on the right track,” he added.

“Yes, I have been associated with music for years; but the happiness and satisfaction I received after singing for the COVID-19 patients- I can’t explain it in words,” he further said.

“Medicine alone is not enough to fight against COVID-19 and I strongly believe that mental health is also important,” Baulia said.

“And this is the primary reason I decided to sing for these patients so that music can lift their morale and spirit,” he added.

Amidst all the chaos and negativity around, his song soothes the heart of the patients and gives them hope.

After days of treatment at various COVID hospitals and centres, and receiving mental and emotional support from Baulia, people often call him to inform him about their recovery.

“After getting cured, people often call me and say, dada, negative ho gaya. The happiness this gives me is beyond explanation” he further said.

For those who don’t know, let me tell you a fact- Bikramjit Baulia is a popular folk singer of Assam and he has earned accolades in various stages across Assam.

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the state, he decided to open a small medicine shop six months ago and since then he has been delivering medicines to the COVID-19 infected patients without charging delivery cost.

Even last year after witnessing society’s negative approach towards COVID-19 patients, he initiated an awareness campaign and urged people that we should not discriminate against COVID-19 patients and we should support them emotionally.

At a time when nothing seems to go right around us, it is people like Bikramjit who are making the world a better place to live in.

With Mary Kom

(The author is a 2nd-semester student of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism of Tezpur University, Assam)

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