Assam Appoints Guardian Ministers For Various Districts

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The Assam government on May 26 appointed ministers who would act as guardians for the different districts in the state.

As per their appointments, these guardians have been given the responsibility of 2-3 districts to take stock of welfare schemes, implementation of infrastructure projects etc.

“The guardian ministers will be responsible for administration in the districts under their charge,” said parliamentary affairs minister Pijush Hazarika.

“But they won’t be directly involved with people from those districts,” he added.

“Earlier, there was a provision of in-charge ministers, but their specific roles and responsibilities were not clearly defined,” Hazarika further said.

“The guardian ministers will follow the decisions taken by the Cabinet about their duties,” he further added.

It may be mentioned here that these guardian ministers will be assigned with a secretary each and both will have to visit their districts at least once a month.

Moreover, they will also need to visit the districts during emergency situations and conduct extensive tours during natural disasters like floods, cyclones etc.

Hazarika further informed that these guardian ministers will also review the implementation of various government schemes in the districts.

Moreover, these ministers will also need to submit a report to the chief minister.

The ministers may also recommend awards for best practices followed in their districts and prepare vision documents after consultation with different departments.

They will also prepare plans for job creation by utilising the resources the districts have.

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