China Tests New UAVs To The South Of Pangong Lake

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There seems to be no de-escalation between the Indian and the Chinese troops across Eastern Ladhak, even though both countries pulled back their tanks and heavy deployment of ground troops from all locations south of Pangong Lake falling in the Kailash Range in February this year.

Intelligence reports have revealed that an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), intended to be used for surveillance on Indian positions close to the Kailash Range, has been developed in Shaanxi.

The UAV has even completed its first flying and control task at Gar Gunsa in Tibet Autonomous Region, the reports added.

“The flight was undertaken by the Hailan Aviation team. The UAV took off from an elevation of 4700 m at Baga Township and completed its task of patrolling, control and search operation in the Kailash mountain region,” the intelligence report added.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Kailash mountain range became a highly contested zone in August last year when the Indian Army occupied certain crucial heights overlooking Chinese positions including their Moldo Garrison.

This was India’s reply to counter China’s incursions at the northern bank of the lake.

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