Fuel Prices Skyrocket In Shillong Amid Lockdown

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Even though the city is under lockdown and only a few commuters hit the streets on a regular basis or visit the gas stations to fill their tanks, yet the fuel prices in Shillong have skyrocketed- much to the dismay of the people.

Petrol was Rs 89.21 per litre and diesel was Rs 83.27 on May 26 and this high price can be attributed to the charge of Rs 15 (20%) on petrol and Rs 9 (12%) on diesel, which the state government is charging per litre.

The government, in addition to the above charge, is also charging a pollution surcharge of Rs 0.10 per litre on both petrol and diesel.

On the other hand, the government is also not offering any rebate on petroleum products presently.

It may be mentioned here that fuel prices have been skyrocketing in Shillong since the beginning of May when the lockdown was imposed.

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