Assam: Animal Welfare Organisation Hits The Street To Feed Stray Animals Amid COVID-19 Lockdown


In the prevailing uncertain situation caused by the deadly COVID-19 second wave every day we are receiving negative news of death or diseases of both human as well as animals.

JBF (Just Be Friendly), being a social sector organisation working for animal welfare since 2003, appreciates and supports the ones who came forward to help the infected or isolated people during this hard time.

Similarly, JBF is trying its best to help the innocent suffering animals of Assam primarily in and around Guwahati.

Since the recently imposed curfew from the beginning of May JBF team has been feeding thousands of street animals of different locations of Guwahati.

Additionally, to spread this noble activity in every corner of the location reaching every suffering animal JBF has been providing food to volunteers and animal lovers to feed the street animals of their respective localities.

Other than that, JBF has been spreading informative awareness through social media campaigns regarding false news of human-animal transmission of COVID-19 and requesting people to put a water or food bowl outside their premises for the strays of their respective localities.

Here it is necessary to mention that JBF is one of such only organizations that have provided food to street animals during the first wave strike of COVID-19 last year as well.
As per the statement of the Chief Functionary of JBF Dr Sashanka Sekhar Dutta, ‘JBF is and will be ready to help the suffering animals in every possible way in coming days as well.’

He also added that the organization is pleased to collaborate with any animal lover or volunteer interested to help the suffering animals in need.

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