Fuel Prices Inching Towards Record High In Nagaland

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Fuel prices in Nagaland are inching towards a record high the petrol prices in Kohima was increased on May 27 after a day’s break and it was hovering at Rs 93.71 per litre.

The highest-ever recorded price of petrol in Kohima was Rs 93.93 on February 22 this year.

The price was reduced only after the state government announced a reduction in the tax rate for petrol and other motor spirits from 29.80 per cent to 25 per cent per litre. And this led to a negligible tax cut of 17.50 per cent to 16.50 per cent per litre or 1 per cent on diesel.

The tax cut, which became effective from midnight of February 22,  resulted in the reduction of over Rs 3 per lire petrol and 0.57 paisa per lire for diesel.

Diesel was priced at Rs 87.47 per lire on May 27 in Kohima.

Fuel prices were also high in other parts of Nagaland.

In Tuensang. petrol was priced at Rs 95.58 per litre and diesel was sold for Rs 89.58 per litre.

In Kiphire, petrol was sold for Rs 89.44 per litre and diesel for Rs 95.49 per litre.

In Noklak, petrol was sold for Rs 95.35 per lire and diesel for Rs 89.38 per litre.

In Dimapur, petrol was sold for Rs 86.71 per litre and one-litre diesel, people had to pay Rs 92.46.

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