COVID-19: Infection And Vaccine May Give Lifelong Immunity

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Two new studies have given hope that people infected with Sars-2 or vaccinated against COVID-19 may have lifelong immunity against the disease.

However, this does not guarantee protection from re-infection.

The studies offer hope that the human body can develop antibodies that can fight COVID-19 for long.

The two studies were published in Nature and these are significant as the cases of re-infection have left both scientists and the public worried and wondering whether immunity against the Sars-2 coronavirus is short-lived.

“The fear has been that repeated vaccination – annual or six-monthly vaccination – may be required to ensure consistent immunity against Sars-2 or COVID-19,” reported India Today.

In these studies, scientists found that immunity against Sars-2 or Covid-19 lasted for a year at the least. They estimated that immunity against Covid-19 could last for decades at least in some people.

In both studies, researchers looked for immunity cells present in the bone marrow.

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