Researchers Discover Largest Handmade Drawing In Thar

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The discovery of a geoglyph, set of drawings, in the Thar desert, has garnered eyeballs from every corner of the world and several researchers and archaeologists are debating this to b as the largest drawing ever made.

The discovery, which was published in Science Direct, states that the data collected in the field, together with images taken by a drone, revealed the exceptional character of the graphic patterns near the Boha village in Rajasthan.

Led by the father-son duo of French researchers- Carlo and Yohann Oetheimer- it is believed that these “lines may be at least 150 years old and possibly linked to the Hindu memorial stones surrounding them.”

“The discovered motifs consist of two geometrical figures, a giant spiral adjacent to an atypical serpent-shaped drawing, connected with a cluster of lines,” reported India Today.

In the report, it was further mentioned that the drawing extends over 20.8 hectares and totals more than half of the 48 km of lines observed.

Meanwhile, three memorial stones are positioned at key points and the researchers believe that planimetric knowledge has been used to create this elaborate design.

Planimetric elements in geography are those which are independent of elevation, such as roads, building footprints, rivers and lakes.

The style of the geoglyph suggests that it was created between 200 BC to 100 BC, in the late Paracas period.

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