Yetekinibi: An E-Commerce Platform From Nagaland Breaking The Barriers

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Founders of Yetekinibi

-Partha Prawal

They strive to be the platform that connects people “digitally” and they are more than just being an e-commerce site! They are also a platform for the local entrepreneurs- not just of Nagaland, but for the entire northeast!

It’s Yetekinibi that I am speaking about. Yetekinibi is an e-commerce site that is based in Nagaland with a pan-India presence.

“Yeteknibi in Nagamese means buy from here,” said  Mughato Swu, one of the co-founders, while explaining the meaning of the name.

“Not only are we just an e-com site, but also a platform for the local entrepreneurs, content creators and our dear people to connect, share and expand along with the rest of the country,” he added while explaining about the work that they do.

Yetekinibi homepage

“Yetekinibi, like all e-commerce, is to provide service to man, to mobilise locally, and create an online business ambient,” he added.

Yetekinibi was created by a seven-member team comprising of four IT and communication experts- Imnajungshi Nokdir, Mughato Swu, Longhsithung Lotha, and Achila along with two market specialists- Renjamo and Tia and one trade and finance analyst Toni Chishi.

The idea to create a platform like Yetekinibi was always there but it somehow was not seeing the light of the dawn as all the members were busy in their personal errands. But the COVID-19-induced lockdown last year gave them the opportunity to explore deeper and bang- their dream turned into a reality.

And within a short span of time Yetekinibi has been able to create a dedicated customer base with many calling it the local Amazon and Flipkart.

However, Swu feels that they have a long journey to cover and comparisons as such only motivate them to strive towards better.

“We do not have any investors /support whether private or government. But this has been a continuous journey filled with knowledge and experience for all of us here at Yetekinibi. We are growing each day and with the team’s effort, we will be sticking around. Every day is a learning day for us and we take it as an opportunity,” Swu said when asked if they have received any help from the government or others.

At Yetekinibi, one will find a wide range of products from electronic items to contents of local creators.

“The famous and heavy demand local product is Axone- a fermented soya bean cakes that are used to make Axone pickle or added to meat dishes to enhance their flavour,” Swu informed.

“We usually procure it from our own local producers and local entrepreneurs and that’s how they are also able to collaborate with us and through this, we are also able to provide them the platform and reach out to the market,” he added.

It has been a roller coaster ride for this bunch of young entrepreneurs from Nagaland where the concept of entrepreneurship and start-up is still at a nascent stage. They have faced challenges galore and every hurdle that they have overcome so far has made them more determined and ambitious to take Yetekinibi to greater heights.

” Digital platform has so many options and we are currently looking to incorporate other services (besides e-commerce), once we have properly studied the market. So, fingers crossed!” Swu said while saying about Yetekinibi’s plans for the future.

“Opportunities are created and one can create the market. Collaborate with like-minded people, plan and execute. An idea does not just become a reality overnight so think 5-10 years down the line of how you vision your idea will become,” says Swu to the young and budding entrepreneurs from the northeast.

Packets of Axone available at Yetekinibi
Packets of Axone available at Yetekinibi

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