Feeding Hands: HOPES For Man’s Best Friend in Itanagar Streets

Coronavius Lockdown has affected not only humans but animals dependent on them as well. The canine population in cities dependent on food and scarps of restaurants, eateries, households are finding it difficult to feed themselves. Like many other cities, some good Samaritans are taking pains to look after man’s best friend in Itanagar.

Itanagar capital region is under lockdown to curb the spread of novel coronavirus for some time now. To look after the strays HOPES an NGO of Itanagar has extended their caring hands. Formed in 2019, it is an Arunachal-based NGO currently operating without any Govt aid.

Mr. Techi Timothy of HOPES said, “The lockdown has affected all of us but has a very big impact on the stray animals and birds. The strays have no means of feeding themselves as all offices, restaurants, roadside eateries (where they had easy accessibility to food) are closed. The strays and birds are starving”.
He further added, “The motive behind forming HOPES were are thousands of stray cats and dogs on the streets without a place to call home.
These creatures are just like any other pet. They’re not capable of fending for themselves, especially in urban environments. When they come into our care, these animals are often sick, cold, and extremely malnourished.”
Not only limiting their activities to the feeding of strays HOPES is also helping to find new loving families and homes for these animals.
And amidst the ongoing pandemic and the crisis that is currently prevailing everywhere, they are feeding the strays even amid the curfew to make sure the animals do not go starving.
“ We are feeding around 100+ of our furry friends, with the help and support of our members. We extend our heartiest gratitude to all the donors, without whom the feeding session wouldn’t have been possible, for making sure no stray would have to sleep hungry.” Timothy told Northeast today.

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