Arunachal Pradesh: Golden Lotus for Monpa Film




By NET Web Desk

Water Burial, inspired by popular Assamese Novel ‘Saba K0ta Manuh’ by novelist and civil servant  Padma Shree  Yeshe Dorjee Tongchi,  has won the best film award ‘Swarna Kamal’ on environment conservation at the 67th National Films Awards 2021.

Directed by Shantannu Sen, Water Buruial’s story revolves around the rituals of the Monpa community of Arunachal Pradesh. The film itself is made in the dialect spoken by the Monpas.

The film not only is being lauded for its audio visual rendition of a great work of literature but also for putting the spotlight on the lesser know cultures & rituals of Northeast India.  The movie is presented by Sanjive Narain, Chief Managing Director of Prag News, produced by AM Television & co-produced by Faruque Iftikar.

Interestingly Yeshe Dorjee Tongchi’s mother tongue, Sherdukpen,  is itself on the verge of vanishing. It is spoken by  4000-5000 persons in the western part of Arunachal Pradesh (in West Kameng district), in the North-East corner of India.

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