Mizoram: Students Suffer In The Age of 4G, Airtel Tower Providing 2G Services in Siaha

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Daldia Fanai

NET Correspondent, Mizoram

The Mara Students Organization (MSO) of Siaha district, Mizoram has complained that the Airtel tower standing at their village of Mawhrei, constructed in 2019 only provides 2G signal.

Students’ welfare organisations, NGOs, and Villagers have repeatedly begged the Airtel authorities to upgrade the tower to 4G. However, till today, the tower is still not functioning to its optimum capacity, providing a highly unreliable network and intermittent connectivity.

The students who have to sit for online examinations due to the pandemic is facing severe problems. Lack for proper connectivity is making them take extraordinary steps.

They are being forced to construct a makeshift hut to conduct online examinations for Under Graduate students who are in areas with bad internet connectivity.

The story and pictures has gone viral on many news agency. The Mara Students Organisation has requested that the Airtel authorities take steps to improve the signal standard and upgrade the tower.

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