Racial Discrimination Issue Reaches The Highest Court of India


Zangmu Dingla, NET Correspondent, Arunachal Pradesh

The issue of discrimination against people of  Northeast India is now knocking on the doors of the Supreme Court of India.   A PIL has been filed by Adv. Jyoti Zongluju appealing the court to frame Guidelines to curb Racial Discrimination against the people of the Northeast.

It has also sought Honb’le Courts intervention for the inclusion of chapters on India’s Northeast in the NCERT Syllabus. Notably, a social media campaign with the hashtags #Northeastmatters & #AchapterforNE has already resurrected a much-sidelined discourse in the Indian mainstream of racism against the people of the Northeast.

The PIL has specifically called for employing Sections 153C and 509A in Indian Penal Code as recommended by M.K. Bezbaruah Committee against Racial Discrimination faced by the People of North East States across India.

Further, much like the recent social media campaigns,  it calls for the inclusion of Chapters on Northeast India’s Geography, History, Demography in NCERT Books of Class VI-VII.

The PIL is also sought the Hon’ble Court’s intervention to penalise cyber provocateurs. The PIL has asked for suspension and ban on accounts which has previously made & circulated videos with racial overtones from the host platforms.

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