Chinese Students Defy Police Batons, Says No Merger of Vocational and Private Institutions

By NET Web Desk

Chinese government’s plans to forcibly merge private colleges with vocational colleges have sparked massive protests across China.

Chinese police have reported several instances from June 8 in which they had dispersed thousands of angry students from the privately-owned Zhongbei College.

It may be mentioned here that until now the college has been affiliated with Nanjing Normal University.
As per reports, the students poured out onto the campus in the eastern province of Jiangsu on June 6 and detained the college principal.

The students also tried to prevent the police from getting close to the principal, reported the Danyang municipal police department in a statement.

“To uphold campus order… public security organs took necessary measures following the law to remove the trapped person, and (the injured) were immediately sent to hospital for treatment,” the police statement said.
Meanwhile, several videos and photos have gone viral on social media that show police in riot gear using batons and pepper spray on students, with one woman bleeding from a head injury.

A video clip, that has gone viral on Twitter, showed dozens of police and security personnel shoving and yelling at students in a crowded school hall.

Another video showed thousands of undergraduates chanting and they are surrounded by lines of officers. Some were even dragged out of the crowd.

“Around 3,000 students and 400 policemen were involved in the clashes,” reported Agence France-Presse quoting one Beizhong student.

The students were not arrested as the school hired auxiliary police who injured, beat, pepper-sprayed, threatened and verbally abused the students.

Meanwhile, the provincial education bureau informed that it had shelved plans to force Zhongbei College to merge with a vocational school.

However, some banners were still visible on the Zhongbei College campus on June 8.

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