An Inspiring Tale: Mizo Girl With Hearing Loss Gets Distinction In HSLC


Ezrela Daldia Fanai

NET Correspondent, Mizoram

Meet HK Lalrinawmi, the 17-year-old girl from Mizoram’s Kolasib district, who has beaten all odds to achieve Distinction marks in High School Leaving Certificate Examination 2021, scoring letter marks in Mizo, English, Science, and Social Studies.

Lalrinawmi, a student of  Govt. Kolasib High School is suffering from severe hearing loss since the tender age of Nine.  She is  90% deaf on one ear and 80% on the other.

Although Lalrinawmi was prescribed a hearing aid, it did not ameliorate her condition.  While wearing it Lalrinawmi complained of severe headache and confusion.  She then decided to go on with her daily life without it.

Lalrinawmi had first appeared in the HSLC exam in 2020 but she failed in Mathematics by 2 marks. Later, she did not opt for the compartmental.

Instead of appearing in a single subject, Lalrinawmi decided to sit for HSLC all over again. Determined to take up Science subject for Class 12 Boards she wanted to score the required marks for admission in her desired stream.

Her mother told that Lalrinawmi wants to become a doctor and works very hard for it. As she is unable to hear the lectures of her teachers Lalrinawmi takes down notes from her friends. Reaching home after school she would immediately open her books and start studying.

“Many a time, we would beg her to take rest from her studies as we fear for her health, but she is very determined & during examinations, she never sleeps and studies for the entire nights,” Lalpiangliani said.

Her mother explained that the reason why Lalrinawmi struggled in Mathematics was her not being able to hear the explanations of her teachers in the class and online sessions. Now passing HSLC with flying colors, she plans to take up Science (without Mathematics) at St. John’s Higher Secondary School at Kolasib.

Authorites are also trying to encourage Lalrinawmi as she is moving ahead with her adamantine spirit. Special Educator of Kolasib district Ms. Zochhuani said that Lalrinawmi has been provided a hearing aid under the centrally sponsored Inclusive Education. “As she suffers from severely profound hearing loss, a good quality hearing aid like Behind The Ear (BTE) is not working for her. So, we are planning to plan to take up the matter with the Ministry of persons with disabilities to arrange for a cochlear implant,” Zochhuani says.

Lalrinawmi for now plans to move ahead with or without it.

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