Grief Grips Aizawl As Landslide Kills Four

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By Ezrela Daldia Fanai

As heavy rains lashed Aizawl, a landslide in the late hours of June 11 buried 4 members of a family. The house belonging to Mr. Lallianvela at Thuampui lying on the northern side of Aizawl city was buried by debris, slush, and mud at around 9:30 PM on Friday, June 11 killing 4.

As heavy rains battered Aizwal a compound wall of a new construction site got loose at its base and collapsed downhill. It fell on Lalbiakzuala and the other members of the family who were tenants in the Assam-Type house.

Lalbiakzuala (male) 75 years received minor injury. His daughter Zarimawii (35) was stuck beneath the debris and was later rescued with several injuries to her body. His 16 year old son, Lalremruata was not inside the house at the time of the incident.

Four members of the family died. The deceased are Lalthlamuani (female) 16 years, Joseph Lalrinhlua (male), 5 years and Lalngaihsaka (male) 3 years, Laltanpuii (female) 16 years. Laltanpuii’s body was found covered underneath a pile of rocks at 3:30 in the morning of June 12 after intensive search and rescue.

Other members who occupied another floor of the house were able to escape before the house collapsed. They are-Lalkhan Rai (40), Madhu (35), Vishal Rai (14), Vicky Rai (13) & Rakhi Rai (2).

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