Arunachal Pradesh: CM Pema Khandu urges his Ministers to end ‘Reactive Administration’

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It seems that Arunachal Pradesh CM Pema Khandu has had enough of red-tapism, sluggish bureaucracy, lack of accountability, and inefficient administrative practices.

In a strongly worded note, he has asked the Chief Secretary and his ministerial colleagues to submit him a report on their plans to address them expeditiously

Khandu expressing his displeasure noted that “the basic and routine functions like departmental promotion committee meetings and normal committed expenditures”  were not being held in a time bound manner.

He also rued the fact that “..timely release of salaries of contractual employees, especially under the Central sector schemes (CSS), scholarship and stipends, funds for mandatory essential functions like waste management, etc. were not being carried out properly.”

Khandu pointed out in his note that the administrative and public grivences triggered by such lackadaisical attitudes of those responsible and their lack of devotion to work would feature time and again in the social and traditional media.

He asked his colleagues in the note “Why can’t we devise a system of time-bound approvals for such matters? Why can’t we fix responsibility for red tape, inaction, and such utter lack of devotion towards routine functions of govt business transactions?”

Later in the note, he has asked his ministers to personally look into the matter of all such cases across departments and come uo with mechanisms for the resolution of such issues and fixing responsibility.

Khandu emphatically ended his correspondence with the lines “We must end this tendency of ‘Reactive Administration’. I shall be expecting an early report on this,”

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