Tripura: 86.85% Parents Do Not Want Class 10 Exams

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

The majority of parents in Tripura have voiced against conducting Board exams.

In a survey conducted by the Dept of Education, 13.15 percent voted in favour of conducting the Class 10 examination and 86.85 percent have voted against it.

Similarly, 9.94 percent voted for the higher secondary examination and 90.06 percent against the examination. These results have nearly sealed the fate of Board exams in the state.

The Education department is between the devil and the deep sea on conducting Class 10 and 12 exams during the pandemic. On the one hand is the future of the students, on the other hand, their safety. Many rounds of deliberations at different levels did not lead to a way balancing the two. In the meantime, no decision could be made in the emergency meeting with the intellectuals.

The Tripura Govt. in the end resorted to the opinions of the parents. According to the data revealed by the Education department,  21,978 parents have commented online about the Class 10 examination. 3,682 parents or 16.75 percent want the exam to be held and 18,296 people or 83.25 percent have voted against it.

Similarly, 24,793 parents have given their opinion on the higher secondary examination. 2,475 of them want the examinations to be conducted which is  9.9 percent of the total. However, 22,328 people voted against which is 90.06 percent of the total opinions.

The education department will meet again on June 21. The final decision will be taken on that day.

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