Kim Jong Un ‘Tense’ Over Food Crisis

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North Korea premier Kim Jong Un, has issued a warning as the nation might face a ‘food crisis’ soon.  He has warned of a possible famine may be in horizon for North Korea in the coming months.

Kim revealed this information following a meeting with the senior leaders of his Govt. Speaking at the forum, Kim warned his people on an impending situation similar to “Arduous March” – a period of mass starvation that arrived in North Korea during the 90s, killing almost 10% of the country’s population. It was a period of economic crisis during which there was an increase in defection from North Korea which peaked at the end of the famine period.

The impending famine may have been precipitated by a combination of many factors like extensive flooding, COVID-19 pandemic, and international sanctions imposed on the nation as a consequence of Kim’s nuclear programmes.

According to a BBC report, the agricultural sector of North Korea failed to meet the grain targets due to typhoons that skirted its borders in 2020.

It is to be noted that North Korea is entirely dependent on China for food, fertilizers, and fuel. But to curb the spread of COVID-19, North Korea had to recently shut down all its borders resulting in the depletion of its trade with China.

The declaration of the dictator comes when rumours of economic instability and non-availiability of food abound.

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