Fossils Of New Giant Rhino Species Discovered In China

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A paper published about new fossils found in China’s Gansu province in the journal Communications Biology on June 17 indicates that a species of giant rhino lived more than 26 million years ago.

The fossils that have been discovered comprise a skull and two vertebrae and they have been found in the reddish-brown sandstone of the Linxia basin.

These fossils shed light on how the ancient rhinos evolved and moved across what is now Asia.

“The dispersal of giant rhino fossils – others have been found on the far side of the Himalayas in Pakistan – indicate Tibet, like a plateau, did not yet exist and was not yet a barrier to the exchange of largest land mammals,” India Today reported quoting the paper said.

The giant rhinos like the newly discovered species have been named Paraceratherium linxiaense and they were hornless and were long-necked herbivores.

They perhaps weighed 20 tonnes – equal to several elephants – and likely lived in open woodland.

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