BRO Due To ‘Strategic Reasons’ Shows Kimin in Assam, Causes Outrage In Arunachal

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The recent visit of Rajnath Singh to Arunachal Pradesh has opened a proverbial can of worms. As more details surrounding his visit to ingurate multiple BRO projects especially the Kimin-Potin road surfaced, the organisers have been left red-faced.

Reports have surfaced that while preparing for the Defence Minister’s visit to ITBP HQ in Kimin, deliberate attempts were made to hide the fact that it is in Arunachal Pradesh. Or more importantly, the Defence Minister of India is not in the easternmost state of India bordering China. Images of signboards with Arunachal Pradesh tapped with white stickers are making rounds confirming it.

On being asked about the cloak and dagger moves surrounding the Defence Minister’s visit to Arunachal, BRO made a cryptic statement that it was due to ‘strategic reasons’ and was decided at the ‘highest level’ without clarifying on any of them.

Naturally, it has created an uproar everywhere especially in Arunachal Pradesh. Locals and organizations in Kimin & all over Arunachal are up in arms against BRO. The All Kimin Youth Welfare Association (AKYWA) staged a protest in Kimin on Saturday morning.

Tyres were burnt in front of BRTF to protest and demand an explanation for such blatant disregard to Arunachal Pradesh’s territorial integrity. AKYWA has termed it as an insult to Arunachal as well as Kimin. They demanded that BRO should shift their office to Assam as they have hurt the sentiments of the whole state.

The Papum Pare district administration of which Kimin is the HQ had to deploy security personnel around the BRTF office.

Other organizations like All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA), Tañw Supuñ Dukuñ (TSD), Yuva Arunachal have condemned it and demanding inquiry into the matter
It is to be mentioned that the Chief Ministers of both Arunachal Pradesh and Assam were present in BRO’s ‘e-inauguration’ ceremony along with union ministers and other dignitaries.

Interestingly the subterfuge was not limited to Kimin only. Later the post-event tweet from the Office of the Defence Minster tried to impress that he was in Assam. It did not mention the ITBP HQ Kimin where the inauguration ceremony took place.
The tweet read, “Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh at the inaugural ceremony of border road organization. The programme was held in Assam.” The same information was in the press brief that was sent out to the various media outlets through the Press Information Bureau (PIB).
“At an event organised in Lakhimpur district of Assam, the Raksha Mantri e-inaugurated a 20-km long double lane Kimin-Potin road,” the press released said.
As per the latest updates, the tweet was deleted after the backlash but the press release is still up. More importantly, everyone is left guessing who are the ‘higest levels’ and what were the ‘strategic reasons’.

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