Centre Trying To Vilify Naga Political Movement: NSCN (IM)

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Responding to the Centre’s comments on  NSCN(IM) taxation, it accused Centre of attempting to malign the Naga Political Movement. It cited that taxation started back in 1929, in support of the Naga People’s Movement and has continued ever since.

“The culture of Taxation was deep-rooted in the Naga history of resistance even before Naga National Council came to play. It also addressed NSCN(IM) as a genuine political group and has all rights to find a political settlement and it should not be treated at par with other outfits that have different objectives that are not going to benefit the Nagas in the final moment but only for temporary benefits,” the statement read.

Without naming anyone, Nagaland Governor R. N.  Ravi said a Naga armed organization engaged in the peace process has issued a statement recently, which was carried in the media, that they have a right to collect “tax” from the people and further added that their right has also been recognized by the representative of the Government of India having a dialogue with them.

“Such an erroneous statement is likely to confuse the people. Taxation is a sovereign function which can be exercised either by the Government of India or the state government,” Mr. Ravi stated in a press release.

However, the NSCN(I/M) has come out strongly against views of the Governor

“As per the Framework Agreement, the Nagas are the masters of their lands both below and above. So, why should India interfere in the internal matter of the sovereign Naga people?”

“The Government of India opposing taxations by the NSCN instantly violates the Frame Work Agreement wherein the two entities have agreed to coexist peacefully as two different entities sharing sovereign power,” the statement by NSCN(IM) stated.

The statement also stated, “Moreover, taxation is the legitimate right of every government of a nation-state. The Nagas declared their independence status as a sovereign nation one day ahead of India and defended its sovereign right thus far. The Naga nation does not require permission from the Government of India for taxation. The matter remains loud and clear that at no point of time the Nagas became Indians either by conquest or consent. Thus, it is too far fetched for the Governor of Nagaland state to issue such an outrageous statement on taxation.”

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