Sikkim: Three Educational Institutions Converted To Covid Care Centre

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The South district administration of Sikkim has converted three educational institutions into Covid Care Centres (CCC) to provide extensive medical care to COVID-positive patients.

These three centers are – Hostel of Namchi Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Namchi Government College, and Centre for Computers and Communication Technology (CCCT).

According to the Sikkim Express report, these centers can accommodate as many as 250 Covid patients, including those with severe symptoms.

The Namchi Girls’ Senior Secondary School Centre has been equipped with oxygen supply and other medical equipment.

Supported by five IRB personnel, this center currently has a total of 11 Covid patients undergoing treatment.

Namchi Government College Centre provides institutional isolation to patients limiting to asymptomatic and mild patients. Currently, a total of 29 patients are undergoing treatment in the Centre.

Similarly, the Centre for Computers and Communication Technology has been upgraded and holds the capacity to accommodate up to 150 patients. 16 Covid positive patients are presently undergoing treatment in this center.

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