Delhi: 4 Kashmiri Students detained over blast in Israel Embassy

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On Thursday, June 24, the Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested four students of Jammu & Kashmir in connection with the blast near the Israel Embassy of Delhi.

According to sources, they were brought on transit remand to Delhi from J&K’s Kargil area. They were arrested after several rounds of questioning.

According to a Hindu report, the four students were identified as Nazir Hussain, Zulfikar Ali Wazir, Aiaz Hussain, and Muzammil Hussain.

“It was found that all four of them stayed at a rented accommodation near Delhi University area. On the day of blast, their mobile phones were switched off. After a few days, they vacated the accommodation all of sudden and moved to Ladakh. We are finding out other locations where they stayed in Delhi,” said a police officer.

A low-intensity bomb blast took place on January 29, near the Israel Embassy, Delhi.

The Special Cell then registered a case following the blast. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) took over the case on February 2.

The blast shattered the windscreens of three cars parked near the embassy.

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