Mizoram: Shops Without Keepers, Take What You Need, Leave What Is Due

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  • Ezrela Daldia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram

If you travel across Mizoram by road, you will see unusual makeshift shops on the side of highways where vegetables and fruits are in display without anyone on the other side of the sale counter. These are ‘Nghahloh Dawr’ or ‘shops without keepers’.

At these ‘Nghahloh Dawr’, farmers put their fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, bottles of fruit juice, or even dried fish for sale without anyone attending.

The prices for each item are generally written on cardboards and a container or ‘Pawisa Bawm’ is kept on the side where customers put the money.

Customers buy whatever they require and put the money into the ‘Pawisa Bawm’. If they require change, the customers simply pick up the change from the same cash boxes.

These shops highlight the honesty that is prevalent in the Mizo culture. It also demonstrates the altruism or ‘Tlawmngaihna’ that is cherished in Mizoram.

These ‘Nghahloh Dawr’ are beneficial for the farmers as it saves their time tending to their shops. Every morning, they would leave their vegetables and fruits and later leave to work on their farms. They would simply come back in the evening to collect money for whatever items were sold.

“The system has never failed us. We have complete trust in our customers. So far, we have not lost anything from those shops,” said a shopkeeper.

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