Tripura Leads COVID-19 Vaccination Race, Records 98% Vaccines Administered To Citizens Above 45 Years

Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Tripura has achieved the feat of inoculating 98% of its 45 plus population against Covid-19 till June 23.
Although if the census survey is taken into account, Tripura has become the first state to vaccinate 100% of its 45 plus population.

On Friday, June 25, Dr. Siddharth Shiv Jaiswal, National Health Mission (NHM) Tripura Director confirmed that 9.69 lakh, which means 98% of the population aging above 45 years have been vaccinated in Tripura.

“Among the population between 18-44 years of age, 6.91 lakh people have been vaccinated which indicates 50% has been covered in Tripura”, said Dr. Jaiswal.

NHM Tripura Mission Director asserted that 100% of the frontline workers which includes doctors, healthcare staff, police personnel, media persons have been vaccinated.
Till June 23, 100% population of 7 Rural Development blocks has been covered under the vaccination drive.

Dr. Jaiswal further added, “So far 23,69,934 people have been vaccinated across the state. Of these, 18,10,439 citizens have been given the first jab of the vaccine while 5,59,495 citizens have received the second jab of vaccine”.

As many as 53,543 health care workers in the state have been administered with the first dose; 39,241 people have received the second jab. While, 96,436 frontline workers have received the first dose, with the second jab administered to 54,120 frontline workers.

6,26,101 people aged 45 to 60 years took the first dose. And, the second dose was received by 2,66,654 citizens of the same age.

43,310 citizens above 60 years of age have received the first jab. While 1,88,172 people above 60 years of age have been administered with the second jab.

Another figure mentioned, 6,91,49 citizens aged 18 to 44 years have received their first jab. And, 11,308 citizens of the same age group have been administered the second dose.