NET EXCLUSIVE: Meghalaya: Missing Women Found In A Bank Under Mysterious Circumstances

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  • Gargee Nandee, NET Correspondent, Meghalaya


A woman missing from her home was found locked inside Meghalaya Rural Bank Bishnupur Branch on Monday 28th June. Reportedly Isabella Myrboh, 40,  was missing since Friday, June 25th.

When the Branch Manager opened the door after 3 days of holiday he discovered Isabella in the Bank, informed the police.

The CCTV camera inside the bank was damaged but it is uncertain if it was her who had damaged them. There were also attempts to break into one of the confidential rooms.

It has confounded many as to why did she not scream and chose to stay calm for 3 days. Questions are being raised  if she was locked by mistake as the bank is located in a residential area.  Incidentally, puffed rice and ORS were found in her possession when Isabella was discovered.

Her family member confirmed that they were unaware of the fact that she had gone to the bank. However, sources said that the woman has visited the bank on Friday to deposit cash.




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