35th Anniversary of ‘Remna Ni’- The Mizoram Peace Accord

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-Ezrela Daldia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram


Twenty-five years ago on June 30, a new chapter was opened for the people and the state of Mizoram when the Mizoram Peace Accord was signed between the Government of India and the Mizo National Front (MNF) to mark the end of the insurgency in Mizoram.

Known as ‘Remna Ni’, in the local language, the Mizoram Peace Accord signed on June 30 1986 is the only successful Accord in the country and many experts have referred to it as the only insurgency in the world that ended with a stroke of a pen.

Chief Minister Zoramthanga took to Twitter to mark the occasion-“The most successful Peace Accord was signed 35 years ago on this day, making Mizoram one of the most peaceful states since then. Let the peace we enjoy today be a reminder of the past sacrifices and commitment of the Mizo people.”

In his speech, the Chief Minister said- “The Mizoram Accord, signed on June 30th, 1986 is one of the most successful peace accord ever signed by the Government of India. Since then, not a single person has ever ventured out again to carry out underground activities.

“In this peace accord, abiding by the terms and conditions, I brought out all the boys from the jungles, no arms or ammunition left behind – everything was handed over to the Indian government. We abide by the Accord cent percent. The Government of India is also praiseworthy in this matter, it has done very well in its part to fulfill the terms and conditions,” CM Zoramthanga added.

He reminisced the days of preparation that went into the accord. “Before the signing of the peace accord, various political party leaders, the people, the church, NGOs, and student organizations were invited to contribute what was necessary for the accord. This peace accord was finally signed by the Govt. of India represented by the Union Home Secretary, by the underground government represented by the President Mr. Laldenga, and the then Mizoram Union Territory represented by the Chief Secretary.”

The Chief Minister added that Due to covid, the ceelebrations had to be muted. He ended by saying “ I implore my fellow Mizos to take pride in this gift of God we received and to preserve it for generations to come. Peace pays, and I believe that, through brotherhood and understanding, our neighbours can eventually come by the peace we enjoy today.”

Mizoram became the 23rd state on the Indian Union on February 20, 1987

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