Drug Mastermind Escapes From Police Custody In Tripura

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Bamboozling the police, youth arrested for drug trafficking escaped from the lockup of the police station in Tripura. Faruk Ahmed (18) managed his escape from the bathroom window of the police station. He was arrested for smuggling Yaba tablets to Bangladesh.

The incident took place at Kadamtala police station in the Northern District of Tripura. The officer in charge Krishnadhan Sarkar said an alert had been issued and he is in constant touch with the neighboring Assam Police as well.

On June 27, the North district intelligence branch and Kadamtala police recovered a total of 4,400 Yaba tablets in 22 packets from the Baragol area in Maheshpur Road of the same district whose market value is about Rs 22 lakh.

Police also arrested two drug dealers identified as Faruk Ahmed, a resident of ward 2 of South Kadamtala Gram Panchayat, and Bishal Shabdkar, a resident of ward 4 of Saraspur Gram Panchayat in North Tripura district.

Kadamtala police have filed a case against them under section 37 of NDPS. The interrogation of the detainees revealed that the Yaba tablets were being taken to Bangladesh.

Police handed over the detainees to the Dharmanagar district court for a three-day remand which was granted by the court on June 27. During interrogation, Kadamtala police arrested Nazmul Haque, 30, a resident of Ward 3 of Baghan village.

However, Faruk Ahmed, the mastermind of international drug traffickers, escaped from the police station on Tuesday. The OC of the Kadamtala police station said there was no bathroom within the lockup. As a result, detainees are taken to  the bathroom outside.

A Sentry posted outside as Farooq went to answer nature’s call,  But he managed to escape through the bathroom window.

Police and TSR forces searched all the places in the district to find him. However, no trace of him has been found yet. Meanwhile, Assam police have also been informed.

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