Partner Of Deceased Athlete Gets Pregnant From Sperm Retrieved From His Dead Body

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The deceased Australian Winter Olympian Snowboarder Alex Pullin’s partner, Ellidy Vlug recently announced pregnancy a year after the champ’s death.

Alex was in a relationship with Ellidy for eight years. He was drowned while spearfishing at a reef off Palm Beach in Queensland.

Ms. Vlug said the couple had been trying for a baby and was expecting to fall pregnant the month Pullin died.

Wanting to have their child, Ellidy asked the doctors to retrieve healthy sperm from his body.

And nearly after 12 months after Alex’s death, Ellidy confirmed the news of her pregnancy.

“Bubba Chump coming this October. Your Dad and I have been dreaming of you for years, little one. With a heart-wrenching plot twist in the middle, I am honoured to finally welcome a piece of the phenomenon that is Chumpy back into this world! When my love had his accident, we all held on to hope that I’d be pregnant that month. We’d been trying for a baby. IVF was on our cards but it wasn’t something I ever imagined I’d be tackling on my own. Bittersweet like none other, I’ve never been more certain or excited about anything in my entire life.” – Ellidy Vlug captioned the post.

Neighbour actor Matt Wilson was one of the thousands to respond to the news, asserting that Pullin “would love this”.

According to Queensland city law, sperm can be collected up to 36 hours after the death of a person.

The baby is due in October, one year and three months after Pullin’s death.

Alex Pullin was Australia’s first snowboard world champion. He was the Australian flag bearer at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and competed in three Olympics in total.

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